Makers (2022 - )

The everlasting theme of the tower. Large paintings that draw you in. Bits of gold and the amazing red book. Talks about spiritual connections, a belief in something, a light, a god, a guiding entity. The prophecy that I will be coming back in that studio as a painter(1)

Dance, movement, art, theatre all somehow fit in that small space; I first let myself float, trusting - experiencing the Art Of Holding Together. Then we start. Wearing the artworks, using the room as a stage. Then the sea explorer emerges, only briefly in order to disappear in the movement (2)

There is a softness to this. A padded reality. Imagining larger scale works. A nice evening light from both sides of the building meeting in the studio (3)

A beautiful spacious studio, a large loom, artworks with great texture hang on the walls. Only a few hours to shoot, the fading winter light almost meditative (4)

Waves of waste silk in different colours and different volumes. Transforming the room, surrendering to the fabric (5)

This world is a bit darker, metallic. Electroforming, crude oil, bold impressive jewellery (6)

A warm, welcoming space. Ceramic artworks of different textures and colours; an array of creations full of life in various shapes; Leaving the studio and setting up in the corridor, feels relaxing (7)

A small busy studio. Tools, daylight lamps, casts and molds. The white eagle. Breaking out of the studio and setting up in a large hall (8)

Powerful female figures and mythological themes. Recounting our paths to the present moment.The concept of home and belonging, and how locations affect our lives (9)

A large studio almost industrial. Large canvases, solid frames. Evidence of things being dipped into paint, including books. Gloss paint. A bright space. A willingness to fly across the room, to suspend and float; testing our resourcefulness (10)

A human form. Movement bursting to come out. A studio floor seemingly carved out of stone and inside it a stone waiting to be carved. A space in the process of being arranged and inhabited. The home of the artist feeling so familiar, a strong sense of returning (11)

Small space, paintings with great colours and textures. Details with spiritual importance. The superhero-painter shot that never worked (12)

A world of coral, pink and teal. The closer you get to the paintings the longer you want to stay with them. A mix of Scotland and Lebanon, dreamy landscapes alive on canvas (13)

Stories of linen. Black dye made from oak galls that used to house wasp larvae. Beautiful patterns and geometries. Minimal and so impactful. Echoes of Yiannis Moralis and instant connections with my younger self (14)

A small studio with an inner glow. Lots of small parts each with their own story. Theme of devotion. Do I believe in meaning? (15)

A series of works with a cosmic feel; outer space. Getting slowly in to that world. Discovering room by room colourful walls and floors and artworks displayed. A house with many levels and many possibilities. Once I discovered the antlers everything changed (16)

An apartment with a special warmth; beautiful rooms. Portrait paintings that became so alive once hung on the wall. Technique and texture. Potential. Optimism (17)

A studio with great natural light; coming from above, even and powerful . Large canvases, some of them silk. Work that embraces whiteness in beautiful abstractions (18)

Ceramic art of unique shapes and textures. The mere presence of the large pots making a bold statement (19)

Writings, legible and illegible, framed poetry. Transparent paper that is stronger than it seems. Everything simply resolves to ink and gestures (20)

Time stands still through layers of paint. Human figures from a far away dimension, accessible via some kind of magical stained glass (21)

(1) Pato Bosich is a London-based contemporary artist whose latest work is the result of an ongoing dialogue between the artist and antiquity
(2) Margarita Zafrilla Olayo is a dancer, choreographer and artist, balancing dances across contexts, practices and forms
(3) Alice Burnhope is an award-winning textile artist, specialising in user experience, socially-engaged artwork and sustainist design
(4) Lara Pain is a woven textile designer and artist based in South East London
(5) Alicia Rowbotham is multidisciplinary textile designer, researcher and artist based in London
(6) Katrin Spranger is an activist and multi-disciplinary artist working with sculpture, jewellery, and performance
(7) Tim Martin is a London-based ceramicist with a background in Fine Art and Architecture
(8) Clunie Fretton is a sculptor, carver & gilder
(9) Tribambuka (aka Anastasia Beltyukova) is a London based multidisciplinary artist, award-winning illustrator and animation director
(10) Shane Bradford is an international artist exhibiting worldwide since 1999
(11) Evangeline Armstrong is an abstract figurative artist based in the UK
(12) Visual artist, painter and photographer Isaac Erhabor Emokpae
(13) Shereen Tabet - Abstract expressionist Artist working with mixed media painting and clay
(14) Artist and textile designer Amélie Crépy
(15) Artist Dominika Prinz
(16) Artist Susanna Jacobs
(17) Artist Katie McGowan
(18) Abstract painter Bob Aldous
(19) Ceramicist Isis Dove-Edwin
(20) Calligrapher Anika De Souza
(21) Artist Olga Geoghegan

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